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What we do.


La Finquita has over 100 acres of land of which the majority is forests and pasture and resembles the conditions of farms in the area. 


Part of the forest has a bog where wild cranberries grow. As well, blueberries grow naturally in part of the pasture. In the last 15 years, an orchard, grapevines and vegetable gardens have been established using biodynamic agriculture practices. The farm has a passive solar greenhouse with the capacity to produce greens all winter long.


Over the years we have diversified the landscape by protecting plants that are native to the area and by introducing other native plants that were not present.  For example, we have introduced Red Osier that we use for making baskets.  


We honour and work with Nature Spirits as they are the protectors and stewards of the land.  We have designed and distributed a banner which is a supplication to the king of the Bees.  

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