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The greenhouse, in addition to producing herbs and salad greens for us and a dozen customers all winter long, is our sanctuary, where we spend a lot of time swinging in a hammock on sunny winter days.  The temperature outside can be -25C, but if the sun is shining, the temperature in the greenhouse can be +15C.  When we decided to build a passive solar greenhouse, a lot of people told us it wouldn't work.  However, we continued with our vision and found that it does work!  There is no additional heat provided in the greenhouse (don't get confused by the chimney pipe on the roof, it is a humidity exhaust), it works only with the heat of the sun.


We plant the greenhouse in the fall and harvest all winter long.  In the Spring, the plants bloom and we collect the seeds for our next year.  Since we've had some problems with our well and pump (the only piece of technology), we have had to resort to other measures and have been able to operate the greenhouse with rainwater and thawing snow.


Our experience with the greenhouse proves that it is possible to grow cold-hardy greens in the cold winters of Nova Scotia.  We would like to see this technology being apropriated in other places and we offer our consulting services.





Construction of passive solar greenhouse in 1997.


Our passive solar greenhouse is 20X40 ft, and we produce hardy greens all winter long only with the heat of the sun. You can see the brick north wall for storing heat and the sharp angle roof facing south.  We grow on the ground-lively soil produces greens with lots of vitality.  For more information please download this article on our greenhouse published by Solar Nova Scotia.  

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